3 Reasons Why Home Staging Makes the Difference

    We’re about to let you in on a little secret… it’s something that makes our team different and sets us apart from other Realtors or Real Estate teams.

    Are you ready to learn the secret?! … Our team believes in the power of home staging! 

    For those of you who might be unfamiliar with home staging, Wikipedia defines it as “the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace.” Essentially, home staging could include bringing furnishings into an unfurnished property, or “editing” furnishings that the home owner currently has in his or her home.

    There are a multitude of reasons and personal examples that we could share with you to support our passion for home staging, but we want to highlight 3 reasons why home staging makes the difference!

    1. Staging neutralizes the space to eliminate stylistic objections from potential home buyers. 
    In other words, while you could connect all of those knick-knacks that you have collected over the years to a specific time or memory, to buyers, those knick-knacks could be the very thing keeping them from making an offer on a home. Today’s typical home buyer greatly observes the aesthetic and cosmetic appearance of a home, and has a hard time overlooking pink tile in the bathroom or floral recliners in the living room. Staging helps to create a neutral space that allows the buyer to see and unlock the home’s potential.


    17017118_306721593064254_6165817609201770860_oPhoto Courtesy of Sold Dwell Well Group Listing in Villa Hills, KY (Instagram – @dwellwellgreatercincy)

     2. Home staging allows buyers to visualize the space, creating an emotional attachment to a property. 
    Bringing a buyer through a staged property is often the difference between “average” and “GREAT” feedback. It provides the potential home buyer a unique experience rather than visiting yet another home in a long line of showings. Staging is also a practical way for a buyer to physically see what he or she can do with the space if they choose to move forward. It gets buyers EXCITED about purchasing the home, which is good news for all parties! 

    3. Staging creates greater online appeal, which drives more traffic to a home. 
    This one is so important! The reality of the part that technology plays in today’s industry is immense – home buyers are constantly browsing online to see what is on the market. Staged homes have a much higher quality of listing photos, which as we stated earlier, is something a buyer is taking note of. Aesthetic appeal is of great importance to home buyers, so a home that looks clean, bright and staged well is going to drive online traffic, which results in a greater pool of buyers coming through the home. 


    Photo Courtesy of Sold Dwell Well Group Listing in Loveland, OH (Instagram – @dwellwellgreatercincy)

    Bottom Line: Home staging has proven to create more opportunities for a home to sell faster and/or at a higher price than an unstaged property. Our team doesn’t just talk about staging, we practice it because we have seen the success that it brings our clients! For additional information, please reach out to us and we would LOVE to share more with you about our Home Transformation Team.

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